Top 5 Strategies to Leverage Your Website

Your website is the online hub of your business.  Are you using it in every way you can?  Most businesses these days have a website, but few use it to its best advantage.  Unless you actively sell products and services on your site, you may be letting this valuable marketing tool go to waste.  Are you taking advantage of these strategies?

Strategy 1 – Give to Receive

Are you using your website to gather leads and build your prospect base?  Is your site the lead generation dynamo you were hoping for?  If not, perhaps you have forgotten that it is better to give than receive.

Offer something free in exchange for lead information.  You can offer a newsletter or an informational guide about your products or services.  Consider offering a tip sheet with helpful advice on common issues faced by your industry.  Perhaps you can offer a discount or promotional product or sample.  Whatever it is, give visitors a reason to give you their contact information.  Entice them to become a lead.

Strategy 2 – Stay Connected

Does your website offer links to social media?  Businesses that sell to consumers have found incredible success linking their website to Facebook and Pinterest.  How do you make the same connections within the world of B2B sales?  Connect your site to LinkedIn and Twitter.   Stay connected with your customers and prospects via a regular Twitter feed and an active LinkedIn profile.

Strategy 3 – Regular Updates

When was the last time you updated your website content?  If it’s been more than a month, or if you can’t remember, then your site is stale.  Just like homemade bread, your website is most appetizing to your customers when it is fresh, hot and tasty.  No one likes stale content.  Keep your site fresh by posting new pictures, updating company information, or linking industry important articles or blog posts to your site.

Strategy 4 – Tell Them About It

Do you have a blog on your website?  A blog is like an ongoing customer conversation.  It builds trust and interest and keeps customers and prospects thinking about your company.  If you don’t have a blog, you really need to consider adding one.

Worried that a blog is difficult to post and maintain?  Don’t be.  A business blog is as simple as a short post a few times a week.  Establish a blog calendar and work with your team to generate the posts.  You can post humor, industry information, happenings at your company, or updates and changes to your products and services.  Be creative and get your team involved.  It’s easier than you think!

Strategy 5 – Advertise

Do you market your website?  I mean really market it, as in work to effectively drive traffic to your site?  In order for your site to have maximum impact it has to be found and seen by as many people as possible.  If you aren’t mentioning your website every chance you get you are limiting its power to generate business.

PPC advertising, such as Google AdWords, is one way to drive traffic to your site.  This strategy is effective as long as you are careful when selecting the keywords you use to drive your ads.  There are easier and equally effective ways to publicize your site and drive traffic.  Mention your site in your company literature and on business cards and promotional pieces.  Include the URL to your site in your press releases.  Include it in your email signature, on your invoices, and on most if not all company communication.  Get the word out to your customers and prospects that interesting and valuable information is on your site just waiting for them to find it.


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