5 Ways to Inspire Your Team

Inspiration is the spark that ignites productivity and creativity in your team.  It’s also the one thing that can be hardest to transfer to your employees.  We are all motivated by slightly different things, and that’s where the difficulty lies.  As a leader, it’s important that you rally the troops and get everyone moving toward the goal in front of you.  How can you transfer your enthusiasm and dedication to your team?

Share Your Inspiration

What motivates you?  Take a moment and think about what really drives you to success.  Are you motivated by money?  Is it approval?  Is it a powerful cause you believe in?  Before you can transfer inspiration to your team you must define it for yourself.

Think through your inspiration for the current project or goal and then put it in a context you can communicate clearly and passionately.  Now share your inspiration with the team.  Passion and motivation are contagious.  When you share your inspiration sincerely and openly with the team you will capture their imagination and create a spark of enthusiasm in them as well.

Create Clear, Achievable Goals

Nothing is less inspirational than vague goals that are impossible to measure.  Inspire your team by setting clear goals they can actually achieve.  Make sure each person on your team has a role in the overall team goal.  If you really want to make an impact, set a personal goal for each individual tied to their direct performance.

Make sure you communicate the goals in a positive way.  It’s not a “do this or else” type situation, but rather a personal piece of the group achievement.  Consider adding a positive reward for achievement.  Rather than financial – which isn’t always possible – highlight less tangible rewards like achievement, personal development, or team pride.

Work With Your Team

Get down in the trenches and work with your team.  Show them with your actions that you appreciate their efforts.  If they are working long hours, stick around and encourage them.  Carry some of the burden of the job.  It’s human nature to be inspired by the performance of others.  By demonstrating your dedication and passion you will inspire them to give you their best effort.


Be a Super Hero

Sometimes things go sideways.  Some obstacles are difficult to overcome.  When your team encounters a problem or challenge they can’t easily solve, be their super hero.  Bring your best problem solving ability and your most positive, can-do attitude to the group and save the day!

Worried that you don’t have all the answers?  It’s ok.  Use questions to bring the answers to the minds of your team.  Ask them what they’ve tried.  Ask them what they think might work.  Get them brainstorming about possible solutions or improvisations that can make a difference.  Do it all with an encouraging and compassionate spirit.  You’ll get them moving again in the right direction.

Keep Score

Scoreboards are powerful.  If you’ve ever watched a football or basketball game, you understand the power of seeing the numbers change.  The scoreboard is a huge factor in momentum and ultimately in victory.

What does this mean for your project?  Post the starting point and the goal graphically in a prominent place.  Make sure the team sees their progress.  Applaud and celebrate each measurable victory or movement on the chart.

If your goal doesn’t involve statistics as much as processes implemented or tasks completed, keep a chart and check off boxes.  Make progress easily visible to keep everyone focused and inspired.


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