Social Media – What’s Needed?

When you first take those first few steps into the world of social media, figuring out what you need can be a daunting task. That’s probably why you’re here. You’re here to find out how to get started in social media, what you need to do to prepare and maintain, and which platforms to use. First and foremost, the three best forms of social media that you can use are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (it counts).

When using something like Facebook or Twitter, you’ll want to build up a dedicated following and ensure that the people who are watching and reading your posts are your target market. Connect with other like minded individuals and don’t be afraid to do a few paid posts here and there. Using YouTube, you can connect with your target market with videos and link to your Facebook/Twitter accounts. The process can also be reversed as once you build up a list of steady followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook, you can use these platforms to promote your YouTube channel which can also make money for you if you get enough views, subscribers, etc.  So, what’s next? Once you’ve got everything set up, have a steady following of 1,000+ followers/fans, it’s time to move on to the next and final step. That’s right, there are only two major steps to succeeding with social media. Once you get yourself established on the platforms and have a few people listening to what you have to say, it’s time to draw them in!

You can do this in one of two ways. One, showcase promotions. If you own a web content business, offer first time clients 50% off your normal rate. It’s a good way to build a list and bring in a repeat client. The second way you can do this is to ask people to share your page or recommend you. Any time you get a client, ask them to tell their friends about you and welcome them back. You can even offer them some type of incentive. In short, social media is a great venue for promoting a product, brand, or business but it can be a tricky one. Follow the short, simple steps above in order to ensure success!


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