How To Increase Search Rankings

Interested in increasing your site’s search engine rankings? If so, you’re in the right place as there are three simple steps that almost any webmaster can follow to increase their search rankings. The first step is obviously to get traffic to your site and ensure that it is quality traffic. Your best means of doing this is through various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Tell all your friends about your site, have them spread the word, and avoid buying generic and untargeted traffic for cheap prices. It won’t do you any good at all and can only hurt you. Google definitely picks up on things like this so avoid it.

Next, you can learn SEO or bring in someone who already understands it and knows how to apply it. Use keyword rich content on your site when possible and try to target specific keywords. If you can, use long tail keywords such as “Increasing Search Rankings in New York, NY” versus “search rankings.” Got it?

Now, the last thing that you can do to increase search rankings (there are more but these are the main three) is to get backlinks. While many people advertise things such as “5,000 backlinks for $50”, it’s best to stay away from those. Get them yourself and remember, more isn’t always better. You want to get backlinks from quality websites that you know about, are already established, and well ranked on Alexa.

A good rule of thumb is to look for sites that are ranked 500K or higher. You definitely don’t want sites ranked lower than yours especially for beginners. So, get traffic, use keywords, and get backlinks!


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