Getting Traffic

How can you get traffic to your site?  Tthere are multiple ways of doing this but we’re going to go over the most three most popular (and maybe most effective) ways of doing this.

First is to buy traffic. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy a set number of visits from a company that is going to send you a ton of untargeted and useless batches of traffic all at once. Hire someone who does marketing and specializes in this niche. Sometimes it’s much better to work with individual vs company.

Second you can buy ad space which falls into this category but it’s much better to have someone do it for you if you can afford it. Next, you can build a list with an auto responder such as aWeber. Have people sign up for your mailing list, send them daily updates, and never spam them. Always give them the option to unsubscribe. A free eBook is a good way to entice people to sign up for your newsletter.

Third, when it comes to getting traffic to your site, you can simply spread the word to your friends and acquaintances via social media such as Facebook. This method is endless, extremely targeted, and easy to track. Go by the number of comments, shares, likes, and through use of your Facebook admin panel.

All of this combined will ensure that you get the most traffic possible and while it’s not all free, it does all work if you actually try it. You may not get rich from it or get 100,000 unique visitors a day but you will see increases in your traffic. Spend about an hour a day on one of these methods and see what happens. Odds are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see your traffic go up in as little as one month!


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