SEO Made Easy

What are the basic principles of SEO? How does it work? What can  you do to make it work for you? The answer is simple. Incorporate a few, small steps into what you’re doing now and watch the results right before your very own eyes.

If you aren’t researching search terms, keywords, and audiences, you’re not doing it right. Figure out your niche, find some keywords that match it, and build them into your content and social media posts. Doing this will give you a better shot at picking up in the search rankings for the keyword or search term in question. Don’t “stuff” keywords which is also known as “fluffing.” Let the keywords flow naturally in your content and only do so when it fits 100%. Be sure to include those keywords in your titles, image text, and anything else that you possibly can. Again, only if it fits!

Aside from that, what else can you do to make SEO work for you? Match your domain to your niche in some way. If you aren’t currently getting the results you want, consider changing domains or buying an additional domain which you can have forwarded to your pre-existing site. See which works better, the old or the new and go with it.

For example, if you cover MMA news then a domain you might consider that is both available (at the time of this article) and catchy is MMA relates to your subject matter and “Locker” is sports related and could relate to not only good content and your target niche but could also go well with a catchy/memorable logo. Pair this with regular social media updates, a blog that incorporates your keywords/search terms as well, and some hard work.

SEO is no mystery or something that is undeniably complicated but it can take time. Be ready to put that time in!