Blogging For SEO

When blogging for SEO purposes, a few helpful hints will help keep your blog on track and help it increase its page rank, its Alexa ranking, and how much money and traffic you can bring into your site.

The first thing to do, if you haven’t already, is to get a domain with hosting. This can be done relatively affordable through hosts such as or If you’ve already done that and your site is up and running but you need that extra SEO boost, it is time to start researching search terms.

These can also be referred to as keywords regarding web content but are more commonly called search terms. Have someone (or do it yourself) research search terms such as “Blogging for SEO in Atlanta, GA.” This is considered a long tail keyword that is much easier to get ranked for than something shorter such as “SEO blogging” or just “SEO.” Be sure to use informative and useful comment with the keyword in the content at a density of at least 2% assuming the piece of content is over 300 words.

If you use images through WordPress, be sure to make your Alt. Image Text the keyword in question. You can also include it in the article or blog title, page title, and link the keywords to affiliate pages if you want to go that route.

While you can’t expect to get on the first page of Google search results for EVERY search term, you can expect to see some results using just those few tips alone. Need even more? In combination with that, ensuring that you never buy traffic and only get quality backlinks (avoid forums and social media sites if at all possible) will mean that you’re doing even more for the SEO of your blogging site.