Branding Yourself

Any good business owner or service provider knows that one of the most important things that you can do in order to establish your presence on the web, bring in additional clients, and grow your company is to brand yourself or your image. Doing so might seem pretty straight forward as the general concept is to get people to familiarize you or your product with a certain image or name. For example, when you see the “Swoosh” logo, you know that it is in relation to a Nike product. The same should be said for you and it can be if you take a minute to plan out your venture. For starters, you’ll want to get familiar with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) as it can be your new best friend. Not only can you connect with people one on one but you can form trust with them, build relationships, and begin to brand yourself.

Once you’re on a few social media outlets, you’ll need an actual site and a little money to toss around for ad space. You can choose to go through Facebook as they have some pretty competitive prices for putting your site or product in front of thousands of users. You can also go with a provider such as Google or look for more specific providers such as Gorilla Nation or BURST Media. Selling ad space yourself directly on your site is another way to go about bringing in additional revenue as well.

Finally, in order to brand yourself online, you’ll need a lot of time. Be persistent in every single thing that you try but never try the same thing twice. As Albert Einstein once said, trying something twice is pure insanity! To recap, you’ll want to get active on social media, get yourself a site with marketing, and be patient.