Smartphone and Tablet Use is Rapidly Expanding

Developing a mobile website can cost money, there’s no escaping that fact. For this reason, some businesses choose not to develop a mobile website, but they do so at their own peril. More than half of all adult Americans now own smartphones, and adoption rates are similarly high across Europe and many Asian countries. Further, smartphone usage is rapidly expanding. Consider that back in 2011, only 35 percent of Americans owned a smartphone.

Also, 35 percent of American adults now own a tablet. Not only that, but prevalence rates are actually higher among wealthy individuals and people in college. These potential customers often have the most discretionary income, so catering to their needs can produce profits and sales.

Tapping into the tablet market can be especially important because users often use tablets to browse for media and other products they want to purchase. Tablets are designed for media consumption, so if you are selling ebooks or music, or anything like that, having a mobile website could prove to be essential. Of course, even if you are not selling such products, that doesn’t make developing a mobile site any less essential!

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