8 Ways to Win at B2B Drip Marketing

For those who use email drip marketing as a marketing tool, you may find attaining a high open rate is a challenging proposition. There may be several reasons your “read” rate is low. Deliverability issues (getting into the Inbox) could prevent views. Poor subject lines can be another reason. But don’t forget to ask yourself: am I sending anything my customers or prospects want to read? 

Here are 10 of my favorite email tactics for drip marketing. Mixing them in with your marketing messages will infuse some real value into your campaigns.

  1. Industry research – Send relevant data that may be useful to your prospects and customers. Information about trends or opinions can provide valuable insight to your email recipients. One useful strategy is to conduct your own survey and furnish the results as part of a drip campaign.
  2. Industry news – Share industry-specific news with each market segment. Creating awareness about important news can be an effective method of building trust. Sending a brief message with a link to a recent news article provides a reason to make contact – and a way to remain relevant in your prospects’ eyes.
  3. Newsletter subscription offers – Use email to invite prospects and customers to subscribe to your newsletter. But avoid simply asking for a subscription. Give them a sample of the content to whet their appetite for more. One effective technique is to splash a few headlines with article abstracts and a Read More link to a signup form.
  4. Best practices examples – Businesspeople are constantly seeking ways to improve. Cases studies or examples of best practices can be helpful to your B2B audience. By providing information that helps people in their work life, your brand earns trust and loyalty.
  5. White papers – Thought leadership can be a useful strategy, and sharing white papers through email drip campaigns can earn you followers. White papers filled with relevant statistics and data has been shown to be an effective component to drip marketing.
  6. Infographics – Share visually appealing infographics for quick consumption. This strategy works well in B2B campaigns because the audience is often sifting through multiple emails during work. An infographic provides easily digestible relevant information, providing a valuable reason to reach out.
  7. Webinar – Invite people to a free webinar you are hosting or participating in that will provide value to your email contacts. One effective technique is to introduce event topics and presenters in the email message. Be sure to make registration and attendance easy for everyone.
  8. Free Resources – Provide a link to a tool or resource that will be helpful to your contacts. Including your blog as a resource can increase traffic and, potentially, build your blog audience. Sharing free resources can be an effective way to show that you want to be helpful.

Find ways to continually provide fresh, relevant, helpful content and you should find your open rate getting better. Let me know some of your most effective drip campaign tactics. Share your stories below.