How to Stand Out on YouTube

If you want to make an impression in your customer’s or prospect’s consciousness, video marketing using YouTube can be an effective channel. However, simply posting a video and pointing to it from your website won’t help you achieve the objectives that underpin the YouTube format  (views, link clicks, website visits, sales, etc.). You’ve got to market your marketing videos and deploy YouTube features that help marketers do their job.

Let me start by saying, “create videos that provide actionable value”. Give your audience a reason to watch. For instance, product demonstrations, case studies or end-user videos educate your audience with real-world applications of your solutions. Providing footage of your solutions in action can go a long way in moving prospects through the sales funnel. There are many considerations you should run through regarding the type of videos you could produce (too many to put in this post), but here are some areas you should focus on to make a great impression through YouTube.

Video Titles

Use titles that contain terms and phrases that customers would use to search for information. YouTube can be searched in the same manner as other social websites and search engines. When buyers look for videos relevant to their needs, they should easily find content that informs and educates about your solutions. Therefore, your titles should include terms that reflect the issues they face and/or the solution you provide to address those issues.

Create a Video Channel

One of the best ways to draw prospects to your video content is to create a YouTube channel that represents your brand and/or your audience’s issues. Give the channel a name that clearly indicates the content you’ll be distributing. Once you’ve uploaded a significant number of videos, create playlists to organize videos by themes such as how-to tutorials, product features or funny videos. Be sure to organize content within ‘buckets’ that can easily be searched by YouTube users.

Use Comment Streams

The Comment section can be an effective way to draw viewers to your YouTube channel or video, and to engage with subscribers when they comment on your content. The Comment stream offers an opportunity to join a conversation and (appropriately) mention your content. Making comments (keep it positive!) on other members’ videos is one technique to draw attention to your channel. Once subscribers have made comments about your content, thank them for commenting and respond to feedback and questions promptly.

Audience Responses

While YouTube and other social media channels may be perfectly good outlets for distributing information and branding messages, followers really connect when they see you engage with them. Effective social media marketing requires channel surveillance and audience response. Don’t use YouTube as a broadcast station; be in touch with your audience as frequently as possible.

YouTube as Part of “Omni-channel”

Use your YouTube channel as one tool in a blend of multimedia channels which should include social sites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Customers don’t typically engage with brands through a single channel. They should find links to your videos in content you post on your other social media accounts. A word of caution: avoid linking to videos in comments you make others’ accounts unless the link provides a direct value to the conversation.

YouTube has grown to become an effective marketing tool in the fight to gain your customer’s attention. Marketers need to take advantage of all YouTube’s features relevant to marketing purposes (check out the Analytics tools) and use this channel as a way to support the other digital marketing tactics you are using.

Let me know how you deploy YouTube – and thanks for reading!