Lessons from the Latest B2B Content Marketing Trends

Before you take the plunge into B2B content marketing or work on updating and improving your strategy, it’s important to understand the latest trends and get a sense of the overall landscape for marketers. How many B2B marketers are doing content marketing today, and how successful are they? Are there any lessons to be learned from their experiences? Continue reading

5 Generations at Work – What Does This Mean for Marketing?

This is the third part in this series.  See Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Understanding each of the five generations and its unique sensibilities is the key to driving effective marketing strategies, particularly in B2B marketing, where most of these generations might be in play as decision makers or influencers. Continue reading

5 Generations Overview for B2B Marketers

This is the second post in this series.  Click here for part 1.

Last post we highlighted the 5 Generations at Work.


As we can see in the table above, the formative experiences of each generation shape its values and preferences. For example, maturists or traditionalists grew up in the World War II era and may have experienced wartime rationing. As many of us who market to this generation know, they’re often more cautious and look for security and stability in making decisions. Continue reading

Generational Marketing and What It Means for B2B Marketers

This is the first of a three part series.

This is the first time in history that five generations of people are in the workforce, which means it’s also a historic and unprecedented time for generational B2B marketing.

In generational marketing, each generation is considered as a distinct archetype or model for driving product development, marketing and customer service. We look at each generation’s formative experiences, characteristics, mindset and preferences. Continue reading

Which B2B Lead Generation Strategies Really Work?

With web and social media marketing continuing to dominate, it’s important that marketers and companies understand that a solid strategy for reaching a set of goals is what’s going to eventually get your ROI. This means that strategy is what separates the successful B2B marketing campaign from the failures.

Continue reading

8 Ways to Win at B2B Drip Marketing

For those who use email drip marketing as a marketing tool, you may find attaining a high open rate is a challenging proposition. There may be several reasons your “read” rate is low. Deliverability issues (getting into the Inbox) could prevent views. Poor subject lines can be another reason. But don’t forget to ask yourself: am I sending anything my customers or prospects want to read?  Continue reading

Do You Have a Work Group or an Effective Team?

Work groups and teams are not the same thing, although we often interchange two labels.  The difference in productivity and efficiency between the two is often extreme.  While both are groups of employees working toward a common goal, functionally they are quite different.  If your teams are not producing at your anticipated level, perhaps they aren’t teams at all. Continue reading