How to Stand Out on YouTube

If you want to make an impression in your customer’s or prospect’s consciousness, video marketing using YouTube can be an effective channel. However, simply posting a video and pointing to it from your website won’t help you achieve the objectives that underpin the YouTube format  (views, link clicks, website visits, sales, etc.). You’ve got to market your marketing videos and deploy YouTube features that help marketers do their job. Continue reading


In the world of i, anything is possible

Enter the world of iAds, yet another platform that Jobs and Apple will enter—advertising. Continue reading

Integrating your channel resources

How do your channels integrate? What if you tapped into vendor and partner knowledge and resources to produce the most amazing new product launch or informational podcast or online video? Continue reading


Did traditional media just find its lifeline? The iPad

A recent article in Advertising Age made the case, that indeed, it may have. Could the iPad be to the publishing industry what iTunes was to the music industry? Traditional media, including newspapers and magazines, has been hit hard because of new technology. Continue reading


It’s time to make movies

How many emails have you received lately with a link to a YouTube video included? Or what about the Facebook posts you see that include YouTube videos from the Olympics, American Idol, or just something crazy and quirky? Continue reading


Three fresh ways to use video in marketing

Today, one of the best ways to connect with end-users is the same as it was 50 years ago—face-to-face. So how can you simulate that experience in a marketplace that isn’t always local? Turn to video. Continue reading


Video as a Marketing Tool

Let’s face it. We’re a visual society. People don’t want to read anything at length. Get to the point. Give me an executive summary so that I don’t have to pore through the many pages you spent countless hours compiling them.  It makes sense that video should be your “go to” marketing vehicle, particularly in light of the ease with which you can create, upload, and share them with a worldwide audience. Continue reading